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Jones, O. R., A. Scheuerlein, R. Salguero-Gomez, C. G. Camarda, R. Schaible, B. B. Casper, J. P. Dahlgren, J. Ehrlen, M. B. Garcia, E. S. Menges, P. F. Quintana-Ascencio, H. Caswell, A. Baudisch and J. W. Vaupel: Diversity of ageing across the tree of life. Nature 505(7482), 169-173 (2014). [ online | PDF ]

Jacobsen, R., T. Martinussen, L. Christiansen, B. Jeune, K. Andersen-Ranberg, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Increased effect of the ApoE gene on survival at advanced age in healthy and long-lived Danes: two nationwide cohort studies. Aging Cell 9(6), 1004-1009 (2010). PubMed ID: 20849521.

Vaupel, J. W. and H. Lundström: Longer life expectancy? Evidence from Sweden of reductions in mortality rates at advanced ages. In: Studies in the economics of aging, (Ed.) D. A. Wise. University of Chicago Press, Chicago 1994, 79-104. [ PDF ]

Vaupel, J. W.: Biodemography of human ageing. Nature 464(7288), 536-542 (2010). [ online | PDF ]

Vaupel, J. W., K. G. Manton and E. Stallard: The impact of heterogeneity in individual frailty on the dynamics of mortality. Demography 16, 439-454 (1979). PubMed ID: 510638. [ PDF ]

Vaupel, J. W., J. R. Carey, K. Christensen, T. E. Johnson, A. I. Yashin, N. V. Holm, I. A. Iachine, V. Kannisto, A. A. Khazaeli, P. Liedo, V. D. Longo, Y. Zeng, K. G. Manton and J. W. Curtsinger: Biodemographic trajectories of longevity. Science 280, 855-860 (1998). PubMed ID: 9599158. [ HTML | PDF ]

Christensen, K., G. Doblhammer, R. Rau and J. W. Vaupel: Ageing populations: the challenges ahead. Lancet 374, 9696, 1196-1208 (2009). PubMed ID: 19801098. [ online ]

Oeppen, J. and J. W. Vaupel: Broken limits to life expectancy. Science 296, 1029-1031 (2002). PubMed ID: 12004104. [ HTML | PDF ]

Vaupel, J. W., A. Baudisch, M. Dölling, D. A. Roach and J. Gampe: The case for negative senescence. Theoretical Population Biology 65, 339-351 (2004). PubMed ID: 15136009. [ PDF ]

Vaupel, J. W. and V. Canudas Romo: Decomposing change in life expectancy: a bouquet of formulas in honor of Nathan Keyfitz´s 90th birthday. Demography 40, 201-216 (2003). PubMed ID: 12846129. [ PDF ]

Carey, J. R., P. Liedo, D. Orozco and J. W. Vaupel: Slowing of mortality rates at older ages in large medfly cohorts. Science 258, 457-461 (1992). PubMed ID: 1411540. [ PDF ]

Curtsinger, J. W., H. H. Fukui, D. R. Townsend and J. W. Vaupel: Demography of genotypes: failure of the limited life-span paradigm in Drosophila melanogaster. Science 258, 461-463 (1992). PubMed ID: 1411541. [ PDF ]

Vaupel, J. W.: How change in age-specific mortality affects life expectancy. Population Studies 40, 147-157 (1986). PubMed ID: 11611920. [ PDF ]

Kannisto, V., J. Lauritsen, A. R. Thatcher and J. W. Vaupel: Reductions in mortality at advanced ages: several decades of evidence from 27 countries. Population and Development Review 20, 793-810 (1994). [ PDF ]

Vaupel, J. W. and E. Loichinger: Redistributing work in aging Europe. Science 312, 1911-1913 (2006). PubMed ID: 16809529. [ PDF ]

Baudisch, A. and J. W. Vaupel: Getting to the root of aging. Science 338(6107), 618-619 (2012). [ online ]

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