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Christensen, K., G. Doblhammer, R. Rau and J. W. Vaupel: Ageing populations: the challenges ahead. Lancet 374, 9696, 1196-1208 (2009). PubMed ID: 19801098. [ online ]
(cited 1235 times)

Vaupel, J. W., K. G. Manton and E. Stallard: The impact of heterogeneity in individual frailty on the dynamics of mortality. Demography 16, 439-454 (1979). PubMed ID: 510638. [ PDF ]
(cited 1151 times)

Oeppen, J. and J. W. Vaupel: Broken limits to life expectancy. Science 296, 1029-1031 (2002). PubMed ID: 12004104. [ HTML | PDF ]
(cited 989 times)

Vaupel, J. W., J. R. Carey, K. Christensen, T. E. Johnson, A. I. Yashin, N. V. Holm, I. A. Iachine, V. Kannisto, A. A. Khazaeli, P. Liedo, V. D. Longo, Y. Zeng, K. G. Manton and J. W. Curtsinger: Biodemographic trajectories of longevity. Science 280, 855-860 (1998). PubMed ID: 9599158. [ HTML | PDF ]
(cited 614 times)

Vaupel, J. W. and A. I. Yashin: Heterogeneity´s ruses: some surprising effects of selection on population dynamics. The American Statistician 39, 176-185 (1985).
[Also published in: Readings in population research methodology, vol. 6: Advanced basic tools, (Eds.) D. J. Bogue, E. E. Arriaga, D. L. Anderton and G. W. Rumsey. Social Development Center, Chicago 1993, 21-70 - 21-79]. PubMed ID: 12267300. [ PDF ]
(cited 517 times)

Herskind, A. M., M. McGue, T. I. A. Soerensen and J. W. Vaupel: The heritability of human longevity: a population-based study of 2872 Danish twin pairs born 1870-1900. Human Genetics 97, 319-323 (1996). PubMed ID: 8786073. [ PDF ]
(cited 465 times)

Carey, J. R., P. Liedo, D. Orozco and J. W. Vaupel: Slowing of mortality rates at older ages in large medfly cohorts. Science 258, 457-461 (1992). PubMed ID: 1411540. [ PDF ]
(cited 428 times)

Vaupel, J. W.: Biodemography of human ageing. Nature 464(7288), 536-542 (2010). [ online | PDF ]
(cited 391 times)

Curtsinger, J. W., H. H. Fukui, D. R. Townsend and J. W. Vaupel: Demography of genotypes: failure of the limited life-span paradigm in Drosophila melanogaster. Science 258, 461-463 (1992). PubMed ID: 1411541. [ PDF ]
(cited 307 times)

Christensen, K., T. E. Johnson and J. W. Vaupel: The quest for genetic determinants of human longevity: challenges and insights. Nature Reviews Genetics 7, 436-448 (2006). PubMed ID: 16708071. [ PDF ]
(cited 298 times)

Jones, O. R., A. Scheuerlein, R. Salguero-Gomez, C. G. Camarda, R. Schaible, B. B. Casper, J. P. Dahlgren, J. Ehrlen, M. B. Garcia, E. S. Menges, P. F. Quintana-Ascencio, H. Caswell, A. Baudisch and J. W. Vaupel: Diversity of ageing across the tree of life. Nature 505(7482), 169-173 (2014). [ online | PDF ]
(cited 224 times)

Rea, S. L., D. Wu, J. R. Cypser, J. W. Vaupel and T. E. Johnson: A stress-sensitive reporter predicts longevity in isogenic populations of Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature Genetics 37, 894-898 (2005). PubMed ID: 16041374. [ PDF ]
(cited 221 times)

Hjelmborg J. V., I. A. Iachine, A. Skytthe, J.W. Vaupel, M. McGue, M. Koskenvuo, J. Kaprio, N. L. Pedersen and K. Christensen: Genetic influence on human lifespan and longevity. Human Genetics 119, 312-321 (2006). PubMed ID: 16463022. [ online ]
(cited 210 times)

Doblhammer G. and J. W. Vaupel: Lifespan depends on month of birth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 98, 2934-2939 (2001). PubMed ID: 11226344. [ HTML | PDF ]
(cited 203 times)

Christensen, K., J. W. Vaupel, N. V. Holm and A. I. Yashin: Mortality among twins after age 6: fetal origins hypothesis versus twin method. British Medical Journal 310, 432-436 (1995). PubMed ID: 7873948. [ PDF ]
(cited 194 times)

Manton, K. G. and J. W. Vaupel: Survival after the age of 80 in the United States, Sweden, France, England, and Japan. New England Journal of Medicine 333, 1232-1235 (1995). PubMed ID: 7565998.
(cited 194 times)

McGue, M., J. W. Vaupel, N. V. Holm and B. Harvald: Longevity is moderately heritable in a sample of Danish twins born 1870-1880. Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 48, B237-B244 (1993). PubMed ID: 8227991. [ PDF ]
(cited 180 times)

Skytthe, A., K. Kyvik, N. V. Holm, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: The Danish twin registry: 127 cohorts of twins. Twin Research 5, 352-357 (2002). PubMed ID: 12537858. [ HTML ]
(cited 176 times)

Nybo, H., H. C. Petersen, D. Gaist, B. Jeune, K. Andersen, M. McGue, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Predictors of mortality in 2,249 nonagenarians - the Danish 1905-cohort survey. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 51, 1365-1373 (2003). PubMed ID: 14511155. [ PDF ]
(cited 174 times)

Kimura, M., J. Hjelmborg, J. Gardner, L. Bathum, M. Brimacombe, X. Lu, L. Christiansen, J. W. Vaupel, A. Aviv, K. Christensen: Telomere length and mortality: a study of leukocytes in elderly Danish twins. American Journal of Epidemiology 167(7), 799-806 (2008). PubMed ID: 18270372. [ online ]
(cited 171 times)

Kannisto, V., J. Lauritsen, A. R. Thatcher and J. W. Vaupel: Reductions in mortality at advanced ages: several decades of evidence from 27 countries. Population and Development Review 20, 793-810 (1994). [ PDF ]
(cited 164 times)

Vaupel, J. W., A. Baudisch, M. Dölling, D. A. Roach and J. Gampe: The case for negative senescence. Theoretical Population Biology 65, 339-351 (2004). PubMed ID: 15136009. [ PDF ]
(cited 161 times)

Bischoff, C., H. C. Petersen, J. Graakjaer, K. Andersen-Ranberg, J. W. Vaupel, V. A. Bohr, S. Kølvraa and K. Christensen: No association between telomere length and survival among the elderly and oldest-old. Epidemiology 17, 190-194 (2006). PubMed ID: 16477260.
(cited 155 times)

Oksuzyan, A., K. Juel, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Men: good health and high mortality; sex differences in health and ageing [Review article]. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research 20, 91-102 (2008). PubMed ID: 18431075. [ PDF ]
(cited 140 times)

Christensen, K., M. McGue, I. Petersen, B. Jeune and J. W. Vaupel: Exceptional longevity does not result in excessive levels of disability. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105, 13274-13279 (2008). PubMed ID: 18711139. [ online ]
(cited 135 times)

Tatar, M., J. R. Carey and J. W. Vaupel: Long-term cost of reproduction with and without accelerated senescence in Callosobruchus maculatus: analysis of age-specific mortality. Evolution 47, 1302-1312 (1993). [ HTML | PDF ]
(cited 134 times)

Gerdes, L. U., B. Jeune, K. Andersen-Ranberg, H. Nybo and J. W. Vaupel: Estimation of Apolipoprotein E genotype-specific relative mortality risks from the distribution of genotypes in centenarians and middle-aged men: Apolipoprotein E gene is a "frailty gene", not a "longevity gene". Genetic Epidemiology 19, 202-210 (2000). PubMed ID: 11015124. [ PDF | HTML ]
(cited 133 times)

Fabrizio, P., S. D. Pletcher, N. Minois, J. W. Vaupel and V. D. Longo: Chronological aging-independent replicative life span regulation by Msn2/Msn4 and Sod2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. FEBS Letters 557, 136-142 (2004). PubMed ID: 14741356. [ PDF ]
(cited 132 times)

Frederiksen H., D. Gaist, H. C. Petersen, J. v.B. Hjelmborg, M. McGue, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Hand grip strength: a phenotype suitable for identifying genetic variants affecting mid- and late-life physical functioning. Genetic Epidemiology 23, 110-122 (2002). PubMed ID: 12214305. [ PDF ]
(cited 132 times)

Christensen, K., N. V. Holm, M. McGue, L. Corder and J. W. Vaupel: A Danish population-based twin study on general health in the elderly. Journal of Aging and Health 11, 49-64 (1999). PubMed ID: 10848141. [ PDF | HTML | PDF ]
(cited 125 times)

Frederiksen, H., J. Hjelmborg, J. Mortensen, M. McGue, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Age trajectories of grip strength: cross-sectional and longitudinal data among 8,342 Danes aged 46 to 102. Annals of Epidemiology 16, 554-562 (2006). PubMed ID: 16406245. [ PDF ]
(cited 122 times)

Carey, J. R., P. Liedo, H.-G. Müller, J.-L. Wang and J. W. Vaupel: Dual modes of aging in Mediterranean fruit fly females. Science 281, 996-998 (1998). PubMed ID: 9703516. [ PDF | HTML ]
(cited 122 times)

Manton, K. G., E. Stallard and J. W. Vaupel: Alternative models for the heterogeneity of mortality risks among the aged. Journal of the American Statistical Association 81, 635-644 (1986). PubMed ID: 12155405. [ PDF ]
(cited 121 times)

Nybo H., D. Gaist, B. Jeune, M. McGue, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Functional status and self-rated health in 2,262 nonagenarians: the Danish 1905 Cohort Survey. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 49, 601-609 (2001). PubMed ID: 11380754. [ PDF ]
(cited 118 times)

Yashin, A. I., G. De Benedictis, J. W. Vaupel, Q. Tan, K. F. Andreev, I. A. Iachine, M. Bonafe, M. De Luca, S. Valensin, L. Carotenuto and C. Franceschi: Genes, demography and life span: the contribution of demographic data in genetic studies of aging and longevity. American Journal of Human Genetics 65, 1178-1193 (1999). [ PDF | HTML | PDF ]
(cited 113 times)

Christensen, K., M. Thinggaard, A. Oksuzyan, T. Steenstrup, K. Andersen-Ranberg, B. Jeune, M. McGue and J. W. Vaupel: Physical and cognitive functioning of people older than 90 years: a comparison of two Danish cohorts born 10 years apart. Lancet 382(9903), 1507-1513 (2013). [ online ]
(cited 110 times)

Kannisto, V., K. Christensen and J. W. Vaupel: No increased mortality in later life for cohorts born during famine. American Journal of Epidemiology 145, 987-994 (1997). PubMed ID: 9169907. [ PDF ]
(cited 109 times)

Vaupel, J. W.: How change in age-specific mortality affects life expectancy. Population Studies 40, 147-157 (1986). PubMed ID: 11611920. [ PDF ]
(cited 104 times)

Vaupel, J. W. and J. R. Carey: Compositional interpretations of medfly mortality. Science 260, 1666-1667 (1993). PubMed ID: 8503016. [ PDF ]
(cited 101 times)

Nybo, H., D. Gaist, B. Jeune, L. Bathum, M. McGue, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: The Danish 1905 cohort: a genetic-epidemiological nationwide survey. Journal of Aging and Health 13, 32-46 (2001). PubMed ID: 11503846. [ PDF ]
(cited 87 times)

Andersen-Ranberg, K., K. Christensen, B. Jeune, A. Skytthe, L. Vasegaard and J. W. Vaupel: Declining physical abilities with age: a cross-sectional study of older twins and centenarians in Denmark. Age and Ageing 28, 373-377 (1999). PubMed ID: 10459791. [ PDF | HTML ]
(cited 87 times)

Wittwer-Backofen, U., J. Gampe and J. W. Vaupel: Tooth cementum annulation for age estimation: results from a large known-age validation study. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 123, 119-129 (2004). PubMed ID: 14730646. [ HTML | PDF ]
(cited 85 times)

Beekman, M., H. Blanché, M. Perola, A. Hervonen, V. Bezrukov, E. Sikora, F. Flachsbart, L. Christiansen, A. J. M. De Craen, T. B. L. Kirkwood, I. M. Rea, M. Poulain, J.-M. Robine, S. Valensin, M. A. Stazi, G. Passarino, L. Deiana, E. S. Gonos, L. Paternoster, T. I. A. Soerensen, Q. Tan, Q. Helmer, E. B. van den Akker, J. Deelen, F. Martella, H. J. Cordell, K. L. Ayers, J. W. Vaupel, O. Törnwall, T. E. Johnson, S. Schreiber, M. Lathrop, A. Skytthe, R. G. J. Westendorp, K. Christensen, J. Gampe, A. Nebel, J. J. Houwing-Duistermaat, P. E. Slagboom and C. Franceschi: Genome-wide linkage analysis for human longevity: Genetics of Healthy Aging Study. Aging Cell 12(2), 184-193 (2013). [ online ]
(cited 84 times)

Gunn, David A., H. Rexbye, C. E. M. Griffiths, P. G. Murray, A. Fereday, S. D. Catt, C. C. Tomlin, B. H. Strongitharm, D. I. Perrett, M. Catt, A. E. Mayes, A. G. Messenger, M. R. Green, F. v. d. Ouderaa, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Why some women look young for their age. PLoS ONE 4(12), e8021 (2009). Internet: <>. [ online ]
(cited 84 times)

Christensen, K., M. Kristiansen, H. Hagen-Larsen, A. Skytthe, L. Bathum, B. Jeune, K. Andersen-Ranberg, J. W. Vaupel and K. H. Ørstavik: X-linked genetic factors regulate hematopoietic stem-cell kinetics in females. Blood 95, 2449-2451 (2000). PubMed ID: 10733522. [ PDF | HTML | PDF ]
(cited 84 times)

Rebke, M., T. Coulson, P. H. Becker and J. W. Vaupel: Reproductive improvement and senescence in a long-lived bird. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107(17), 7841-7846 (2010). [ online ]
(cited 83 times)

Skytthe, A., N. L. Pedersen, J. Kaprio, M. A. Stazi, J. v.B. Hjelmborg, I. A. Iachine, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Longevity studies in GenomEUtwin. Twin Research 6, 448-454 (2003). PubMed ID: 14624729. [ PDF ]
(cited 82 times)

Newman, A. B., S. Walter, K. L. Lunetta, M. E. Garcia, P. E. Slagboom, K. Christensen, A. M. Arnold, T. Aspelund, Y. S. Aulchenko, E. J. Benjamin, L. Christiansen, R. B. D'Agostino, Sr., A. L. Fitzpatrick, N. Franceschini, N. L. Glazer, V. Gudnason, A. Hofman, R. Kaplan, D. Karasik, M. Kelly-Hayes, D. P. Kiel, L. J. Launer, K. D. Marciante, J. M. Massaro, I. Miljkovic, M. A. Nalls, D. Hernandez, B. M. Psaty, F. Rivadeneira, J. Rotter, S. Seshadri, A. V. Smith, K. D. Taylor, H. Tiemeier, H.-W. Uh, A. G. Uitterlinden, J. W. Vaupel, J. Walston, R. G. J. Westendorp, T. B. Harris, T. Lumley, C. M. van Duijn and J. M. Murabito: A meta-analysis of four genome-wide association studies of survival to age 90 years or older: the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology Consortium. Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 65(5), 478-487 (2010). PubMed ID: 20304771.
(cited 80 times)

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(cited 79 times)

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(cited 78 times)

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(cited 76 times)

Yashin, A. I., J. W. Vaupel and I. A. Iachine: Correlated individual frailty: an advantageous approach to survival analysis of bivariate data. Mathematical Population Studies 5, 145-159 (1995). PubMed ID: 12290053. [ PDF ]
(cited 74 times)

Christiansen, L., A. Lenart, Q. Tan, J. W. Vaupel, A. Aviv, M. McGue and K. Christensen: DNA methylation age is associated with mortality in a longitudinal Danish twin study. Aging Cell 15(1), 149-154 (2016). [ online ]
(cited 73 times)

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(cited 72 times)

Larsen, T. B., H. T. Soerensen, A. Skytthe, S. P. Johnsen, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Major genetic susceptibility for venous thromboembolism in men: a study of Danish twins. Epidemiology 14, 328-332 (2003). PubMed ID: 12859034. [ PDF ]
(cited 72 times)

De Benedictis, G., Q. Tan, B. Jeune, K. Christensen, S. V. Ukraintseva, M. Bonafè, C. Franceschi, J. W. Vaupel and A. I. Yashin: Recent advances in human gene-longevity association studies. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 122, 909-920 (2001). PubMed ID: 11348658. [ PDF | HTML ]
(cited 72 times)

Vaupel, J. W.: Inherited frailty and longevity. Demography 25, 277-287 (1988). PubMed ID: 3396752. [ PDF ]
(cited 72 times)

Vaupel, J. W.: The remarkable improvements in survival at older ages. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London: Series B, Biological Sciences 352, 1799-1804 (1997). PubMed ID: 9460063. [ HTML | PDF ]
(cited 70 times)

Christensen, K., A. Wienke, A. Skytthe, N. V. Holm, J. W. Vaupel and A. I. Yashin: Cardiovascular mortality in twins and the fetal origins hypothesis. Twin Research 4, 344- 349 (2001). PubMed ID: 11869487. [ PDF ]
(cited 67 times)

Salguero-Gomez, R., O. R. Jones, C. R. Archer, Y. M. Buckley, J. Che-Castaldo, H. Caswell, D. Hodgson, A. Scheuerlein, D. A. Conde Ovando, E. Brinks, H. de Buhr, C. Farack, F. Gottschalk, A. Hartmann, A. Henning, G. Hoppe, G. Römer, J. Runge, T. Ruoff, J. Wille, S. Zeh, R. J. Davison, D. Vieregg, A. Baudisch, R. Altwegg, F. Colchero, M. Dong, H. de Kroon, J.-D. Lebreton, C. J. E. Metcalf, M. M. Neel, I. M. Parker, T. Takada, T. Valverde, L. A. Vélez-Espino, G. M. Wardle, M. Franco and J. W. Vaupel: The COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database: an open online repository for plant demography. Journal of Ecology 103(1), 202-218 (2015). [ online ]
(cited 64 times)

Vaupel, J. W., J. R. Carey and K. Christensen: It´s never too late. Science 301, 1679-1681 (2003). PubMed ID: 14500969. [ Full Text ]
(cited 63 times)

Bathum, L., H. C. Petersen, J.-U. Rosholm, P. H. Petersen, J. W. Vaupel and K. Christensen: Evidence for a substantial genetic influence on biochemical liver function test: results from a population-based Danish twin study. Clinical Chemistry 47, 81-87 (2001). PubMed ID: 11148181. [ HTML | PDF ]
(cited 63 times)

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