Joshua R. Goldstein

Joshua R. Goldstein

Joshua R. Goldstein
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1
18057 Rostock, Germany

Executive Director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Head of the Laboratory of Economic and Social Demography
Head of the Laboratory of Historical Demography
Publisher, Demographic Research
Director, Human Fertility Database

Formerly, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs,
Princeton University (link)

CV (pdf format)

Latest Publications

  • Goldstein, J.R. and Cassidy, T.B. "How Slowing Senescence Translates into Longer Life Expectancy," Population Studies (forthcoming)

  • Myrskylä, M. and Goldstein, J.R. "Probabilistic Forecasting using Stochastic Diffusion Models, with Applications to Cohort Processes of Marriage and Fertility," Demography (forthcoming)

  • Hin, S., Gauthier, A., Goldstein, J.R. and Bühler, C. "Fertility Preferences: What We Can Learn From Second Choices," Vienna Yearbook of Population Research (forthcoming)

  • Goldstein, J.R. and Kreyenfeld, M. (2011) "East Germany overtakes West Germany: Recent Trends in Order-Specific Fertility Dynamics" Population and Development Review 37(3):453-472. (online)

  • Goldstein, J.R. (2011) "A Secular Trend toward Earlier Male Sexual Maturity: Evidence from Shifting Ages of Male Young Adult Mortality," PLoS ONE 6(8): e14826 (pdf format)

  • Stecklov, G. and Goldstein, J.R. (2010) "Societal Responses to Continued, Endemic Terror: Evidence from Driving Behaviour in Israel," Social Forces 88(4): 1859-1884 (abstract)

10 Selected Publications

  • Goldstein, J.R. and K.W. Wachter (2006) "Relationships between Period and Cohort Life Expectancy: Gaps and Lags," Population Studies 60(3):257-269. (pdf format of pre-print version)

  • Goldstein, J.R. (2006) "Found in Translation? A Cohort Perspective on Tempo-adjusted Life Expectancy," Demographic Research 14(5):71-84. (pdf format)

  • Goldstein, J.R., W. Lutz, and M.-R. Testa (2003) "The Emergence of Sub-Replacement Fertility Ideals in Europe," Population Research and Policy Review Policy Review 22(5-6):479-496. (pdf format)

  • Lee, R.D and J.R. Goldstein (2003) "Rescaling the Life Cycle: Longevity and Proportionality," pages 183-207 in James R. Carey and Shripad Tuljapurkar (editors) Life Span: Evolutionary, Ecological, and Demographic Perspectives A Supplement to Volume 29, 2003 of Population and Development Review. Population Council: New York. (pdf format)

  • Goldstein, J.R. (2002) "Population Momentum for Gradual Demographic Transitions: An Alternative Approach," Demography 39(1):65-73. (pdf format)

  • Goldstein, J.R. and C.T. Kenney (2001) "Marriage Delayed or Marriage Forgone? New Cohort Forecasts of First Marriage for U.S. Women," American Sociological Review 66(4):506-519. (pdf format)

  • Goldstein, J. R. (1999) "The Leveling of Divorce in the United States," Demography, 36(3):409-414. (pdf format)

  • Goldstein, J. R. (1999) "Kinship Networks That Cross Racial Lines: The Exception or the Rule?" Demography, 36(3):399-407. (pdf format)

  • Goldstein, J. R. and Schlag W. (1999) "Longer Life and Population Growth," Population and Development Review, 25(4):741-747. (pdf format)

  • Hout, M. and J.R. Goldstein (1994) "How 4.5 Million Irish Immigrants Became 40 Million Irish Americans: Demographic and Subjective Aspects of the Ethnic Composition of White Americans," American Sociological Review, 59(1):64-82. (pdf format)

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